Pink Floyd and Pac-Man

Today was our day-long trip to Pompeii and Herculaneum. 2hrs in a car each way, and an actual Ph.D lecturing us about the details of the sites as we walked around. I’m pretty sure I remember which of these pictures are from which, but like the art and sculpture, it all runs together after a…

The Vatican and Colosseum, Toby’s Take

The WordPress app uploads pictures in whatever order its drunken ass feels like, and I had it upload a bunch, so this post may be scattered. And as usual, I don’t really take pictures of the stuff you see elsewhere. Weird shit is what catches my eye, so…whatever. Don’t know where I was going with…

Ok, I’m kinda done with Rome

Mix: 1 part police sirens echoing from god-knows-where seemingly all the damn time 1 part every 5th person on the street trying to sell us umbrellas/selfie sticks/etc. or act as our guide 1 part of what seems to be typical European smoking habits …and yeah, I’m done. To be fair, my annoyance with the above…

About the Roman food –

I was remiss. My meals have been fine. Stephanie’s have been mediocre, except for her dessert last night, which she seemed to enjoy.

We’re in Rome. Sort of.

We’re staying in the Residenza Paolo VI and we are – no shit – in an extra-territorial zone.

Day trip

I don’t see what all the fuss is about, really.