We’re in Rome. Sort of.


We’re staying in the Residenza Paolo VI and we are – no shit – in an extra-territorial zone.

Once you cross the threshold, you’re technically in Vatican City. But if you take a look at the hotel’s location, it’s just south of the border between the Vatican and Rome proper. The rooms are converted monk cells. Some of them look out on St. Peter’s Square (not ours – we’re plebs). There are pictures and paintings of various popes all over the joint. Hell I have a feeling the doorman who helped bring our bags up might’ve been a plainclothes Swiss Guard. But that could just be my imagination. No idea just what laws apply here (aside from the Bible and all the other dogma, natch). As a lapsed Catholic I’m a little scared I’m breaking some rule just setting foot on the premises.

So yeah – I’d say this is the most cyberpunk location I’ve been, ever.

Did a run to the Pantheon earlier. Pics in a later post – still need to finish up Florence.

Food-wise in Rome has been good. Decent pizza for lunch (it’s always a goddamn 12″ monstrosity, but I was starving). Spaghetti with cacio e pepe (parmesan and pepper) for dinner – simple but tasty. And a chocolate cannoli (cannolo if you want to get technical) for dessert. Odd thing about that cannoli – it tastes like generic American donuts, which is fucking beautiful.

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