Yeah – climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa

250-some-odd steps, after the 455 from the Duomo a couple days ago. Somehow, my legs have yet to hate me.

Just so it’s clear, the tower gets a LOT of traffic. So much so, that 800 or so years on the marble of the steps is worn down.

They’re big on warning you that if you get vertigo you should not climb the tower. I think that’s a lot of CYA. It was weird at times to feel the steps being more or less difficult based on the side of the tower you were on. But I didn’t feel like I was in a 60s Batman Dutch angle shot. But I don’t get seasickness, vertigo, etc. from things like that. So YMMV.

A couple from the top of the tower. Not sure if the horizon tilt in the first is from the tower (I was on the leaning side at the time), or just having to hold my phone above the safety fence to get a decent picture.

I’ve spared you the selfie I took while up there, because I have standards.

And a few from the nearby cathedral.

Finally, a couple on the train as we headed back to Florence.

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