Our worst meal in Japan, 2015

(Finishing up a few remaining posts before we start our next trip.) On my first visit to Japan, with a friend, we had the best meal of the trip and the worst meal of the trip within 24 hours of each other. We’d gone to Koya-san, the temple complex, and stayed in a temple for…

Cooking class in Kyoto, January 2015

(Resurrecting a post that’s been sitting in the Drafts folder for almost 2 years now, and testing a new crossposting plugin at the same time.) We are not social people. Well, okay, we’re selectively social. We have our groups of friends that we see now and then, but we don’t generally seek out new acquaintances….

Test 3

Another social media crossposting test. You’re welcome.


Testing out our crossposting from the travel blog as it won’t be too long before we set out on our next big trip.