Back up!

I took the site down accidentally by having the temerity to want to update some WordPress pluging, which b0rked the site. I ended up having to delete the plugins in question to get it back.

Anyway! The reason this blog is coming back to life is that we are now on a cruise. 🙂 We spent last night at Toby’s parents’ house, which we left in the exact condition we found it, and headed down to Galveston. After parking, we headed over to the interminable line to get through Security, but after that boarding was reasonably painless.

Muster drill was as tedious as it ever is–before you set off on a cruise they basically do a dry run of the emergency system and you have to head over to your muster station, get recorded as being there, and get shown how to use a life jacket. Usually your muster station is on a deck, and when the weather is warm there’s no air circulation, and it’s just hellish, but the weather wasn’t as terrible this time. (When we cruised on Princess our muster station was in a bar, wich is a most civilized way to do it.)

Anyway, we mostly farted around all afternoon, but for the evening I’d booked a murder mystery dinner. A bunch of people met in one of the lounges where we drank champagne, ate canapes, and watched a short play setting up the murder of a gangster, lovingly overacted. Then we all went up to Deck 11, where the Italian restaurant is, and had a three-course meal, in between the courses of which the actors came around, hammed it up, and answered questions from the diners. We had to write down who we think dun it and throw that all in a bucket, and they drew one name from all those who got it right, and they got a bottle of wine and some other prizes.

Somehow Toby lost his slip of paper, so he wrote down his Grand Unified Theory that accused all of them on mine and turned it in. He did not win. 🙂

After that, we wandered over to the spa where I booked a manicure and pedicure for tomorrow, and then we retired to our stateroom, where I got my laptop on the intartubes* and fixed the blog. Now I just need to figure out how to set the default posting category to “2018 Cruise.”

Our deck has a lot of pictures in the halls, and they’re all publicity stills and posters from science fiction movies. We shall have to check out the other decks and see if there’s a different theme for each deck.

Tomorrow! A sea day! We shall do a whole lot of nothing! Actually, I’ll sit on my ass somewhere and read while Toby will go into his Cruise Mode and walk around the decks over and over and over and over and over and over……

*We had $125 in shipboard credit, so naturally spent it on the zippy internet package.

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  1. Yoon Ha Lee says:

    Hey, I’m glad you’re both setting out and having fun! XD

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