This dapper fellow met us halfway up the hill to our hotel here in Edinburgh. Also, from our trip to Skye a couple of days ago, here is a trio of Highland coos looking like they’re about to drop their next album.

What am I eating? Really, I don’t know.

We ordered takeaway from a nearby Indian restaurant and whatever it was I ended up with, it’s not the chicken tikka I ordered. It’s good, not spicy at all, and as far as I can tell, vegetarian. I recognized peas, carrots and cauliflower, the latter of which was cooked long enough to leach any flavor…

The Scottish experience

Is lying down on the couch in the apartment you rented with the window wide open because the building is built to preserve heat, not to cool off, listening to the piper down below play “Scotland the Brave,” “Amazing Grace,” and “Thunderstruck.”

Cold and rainy

Finally! Cold and rainy weather! I no longer believed it existed! We’re in Stromness, Orkney waiting for our ferry. The terminal doesn’t open for a bit over an hour and the pub we had dinner at was nice, but we felt guilty taking up a table when there were people waiting for dinner seating so…

This is not the UK I signed up for

AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH (see screenshot for context) Well, at least it’s not 108F, like we’ve been living in. Also here is a pigeon eating a KitKat in Paddington Station.

One final test post!

Such a thrilling blog today! And I wonder what this testing and categorizing could mean, hmmmmmmm?


Today we are in Fort Lauderdale, and we booked a tour that got us a private airboat ride in the Everglades. There was also a “show” put on by one of the rangers at the park, which was mostly him telling us a bit about the biology and behavior of alligators, and feeding bits of…

So this is unusual…

We got in line for the guest signings at 2:30 and got up to the tables at 3:25. It was very unusual to see John Scalzi and Patrick Rothfuss sitting there, bored, while everyone wanted the McElroy family’s signatures.


Color me officially impressed: the concert is going on directly below our cabin and we can’t hear a thing! We’re watching the simulcast in our stateroom rather than attempting to go anywhere on the ship at the moment.

Watyr Festival

Toby and I did a food and history tour of Old San Juan today, and neither of us cared enough to go to the big concert that the JoCo Cruise has every year, even though the final act was They Might Be Giants. Which is good, because the concert kept getting paused due to rain…