The Royal Mile, and then some

Stephanie didn’t feel up for much today, so I did some wandering on my own. I took a route from our hotel down to the far end of the Royal Mile, then up High Street to Edinburgh Castle. It was packed with tourists, even on a Monday afternoon, but I still got some nice shots….

Finally in Edinburgh!

As Stephanie mentioned, we saw a fox on the way to our hotel! At first I was like, “Kitty!”, then realized it was no feline. The train trip was just over three hours, but we had seats next to each other, and watched an ep of Ahsoka, among other things. I got some nice shots…


This dapper fellow met us halfway up the hill to our hotel here in Edinburgh. Also, from our trip to Skye a couple of days ago, here is a trio of Highland coos looking like they’re about to drop their next album.

Power issues and a Meandering Tour

Yesterday was our last tour from Inverness. But before that could begin, we woke at 5AM to no power. We’d eventually learn there was a fire in a nearby substation, and it took until around 7PM to fix. Even after that, the lifts in our building were disabled until sometime today, leaving us to take…

Isle of Skye Trip

Two days ago we headed with a hired guide to the Isle of Skye. From Inverness, it’s about 113mi and 2.5h to Portree, one of the major cities on the island. We went further north from there, but that’s a good waypoint if you’re looking it up on a map. The place is just stunning….

Had an absolutely lovely tour today

Anna met us near part of Loch Ness and guided us along some trails to a bay overlooking the loch. We saw several species of bird including this mallard who gave no fucks:

What am I eating? Really, I don’t know.

We ordered takeaway from a nearby Indian restaurant and whatever it was I ended up with, it’s not the chicken tikka I ordered. It’s good, not spicy at all, and as far as I can tell, vegetarian. I recognized peas, carrots and cauliflower, the latter of which was cooked long enough to leach any flavor…

The Scottish experience

Is lying down on the couch in the apartment you rented with the window wide open because the building is built to preserve heat, not to cool off, listening to the piper down below play “Scotland the Brave,” “Amazing Grace,” and “Thunderstruck.”