So, remember those bubbles?

Back during the Japan trip I had this app from that allowed me to take 3D photos (called ‘bubbles’) of a space.

I still have that app. Here’s a bubble of the fabulous apartment with the FANTABULOUS view across the Venetian lagoon that we’re in, taken at juuuust the right time of day to allow me to get both the inside and the outside at more-or-less the same exposure.

If you’re unfamiliar with this:

On a handheld device, go to the URL and then move the device around and up and down. It’ll seem like you’re looking through a window at the place.

On a desktop, load the URL and app se your mouse to move the picture around and up and down, for a similar effect.

I’d tell you not to forget to turn the sound on (icon in the corner) except that all you’ll hear in this one is a washing machine.

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  1. Rachel says:

    That is GREAT.

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