Paris may be the City of Light, but I think Lucerne May be the City of Song. During a 30-minute after-dinner stroll across a couple of bridges, we heard no less than three different pairs of people spontaneously break out into song. And only one of the three pairs were obviously drunk.

I could get used to this

Business class–sorry, “Club World,”–is definitely the way to go if you can get it. We run all our purchases through one credit card that gives points and cash in the points for money to use on seat upgrades to whatever the Premium Economy equivalent is on whatever airline we fly, but this time when I…

Strung Out doesn’t begin to describe it

This isn’t going to be particularly funny or interesting. I’m only writing it to square things in my mind. All times local. London is Central Standard +6, Zurich is +7. Nov 9 13:30 – Picked up early by Super Shuttle. No text letting us know they were near. Scrambling to make sure we got everything….