I could get used to this

Business class–sorry, “Club World,”–is definitely the way to go if you can get it. We run all our purchases through one credit card that gives points and cash in the points for money to use on seat upgrades to whatever the Premium Economy equivalent is on whatever airline we fly, but this time when I booked, BA it feted me the option to upgrade to business class for $125/seat more, which I leapt upon immediately.I see their strategy, though. It’s going to be difficult to fly back with the plebes in Premium Economy, when once we could lie down flat and sleep.

The biggest problem with the business class sears is that there’s less room to stash stuff. You get a small drawer that’s smaller than the underseat space, and then they keep giving you more stuff: large bottle of water, headphones, pillow, blanket, goodie bag, etc and there was nowhere to put it.

And the screen was at exactly the wrong distance for either of the prescriptions in my bifocals to focus.

I guess next time we’ll just have to fly first class.

Here is a picture of Toby frowning at his headphones.

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