Paris may be the City of Light, but I think Lucerne May be the City of Song. During a 30-minute after-dinner stroll across a couple of bridges, we heard no less than three different pairs of people spontaneously break out into song. And only one of the three pairs were obviously drunk.

After about 12 hours sleep, we got up late and eventually decided to stagger out into the street and find a place to eat. We’d already decided to take it easy today–in addition to jetlag, I’ve got a cold–and just spend the time walking around, and look at the two medieval bridges in rown, the Kapellbrucke and the Spreurbrucke. The Kapellbrucke is mostly a reconstruction, having brned in 1993, but the Spreurbrucke is original to 1408. They have 17th century paintings on the inside, under the point of the roof.

We also wandered the Altstadt (Old Town), and ended up at a small bakery and bistro, eating sandwiches. Toby had one that was basically cheese, which turned out to be small, and I got one that was a chicken schnitzel with some sort of tasty spread, which was enormous and which I split with Toby.

Mid afternoon was spent at the hotel, not exactly napping, but close to it.

For dinner we both wanted more vegetables, having eaten mostly sandwiches and fried things for the past 72 hours. Handily, there was a vegetarian chain restaurant on the second floor of the train station, Tibet’s. It’s kind of buffet-ish. You take your plate around the food display and load it up, then take it to the counter where they weigh it and charge you by the gram, and order your drink there. Quite tasty.

After dinner we wandered around a bit, crossing the bridge, and looking at Lucerne by night. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at a pharmacy to try to replenish my cough drop supply, but I forgot to say “lozenge” instead of “drop,” but what she sold me was guaifenisin and codeine drops, which should work at least a bit.

More importantly, we stopped by a bakery in the station and got a Schnecken for Toby and a Berliner for me. no pictures of those because we ate them right up.

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