Snow and ice bearing down

There’s a line of storms from France to Germany heading this direction. In front of it, temps in the low 50’s. Behind it, high 30s. Forecast says the weather will follow us to Interlaken tomorrow. Thankfully, we’ve seen what we planned to in Lucerne. That included:

Everyone we’ve interacted with has been gracious and understanding. Quite like Japan. Most of them spoke English as well, which is good because I didn’t manage to make time to get through the Pimsleur lesson I downloaded. “Hello”, “goodbye”, and “thank you” are about all I can manage. Though from buying desserts last night, it seems “alles” has the same meaning as it does in German.

This hotel – chosen by Stephanie due to its proximity to the train station – turned out to be an excellent spot. It’s literally across the street from the station, which made getting here while jet-lagged a breeze. It’s also a 15-minute walk from everything we felt like seeing. And as it turns out, there’s an underground shopping area here, with escalators right in front of our hotel. So aside from the dash from hotel door to downstairs, we can get to the station, snacks, etc. without getting rained on.

Current view from our hotel room, as the storm rolls in. This is looking probably NNE.

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