Pictures from Lucerne

Have a few pictures I took when running around Lucerne today.

Our hotel’s logo. Are we staying at the Wonder Woman Hotel or the Hotel Monopol? It all depends on your point of view.

We went off to the Bourbaki Panorama (link in Toby’s previous post), which is a giant circular painting from the 1880s. These were quite popular in Victorian times because they didn’t have Pokémon Go. (If you read Terry Pratchett, the painting in Thud! Is a panorama.) I’d always vaguely wanted to see one, so when I found there was one here, I wanted to go. It’s pretty damn impressive. I’ll let you use the wonders of Google to learn more. No photos, since they didn’t let you take them.

Next up, the Lion of Lucerne, a sculpture carved into a cliff face that commemorates the Swiss Guard who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution.

The next photos are random ones taken at the Glacier Garden, a museum about the glacier that covered Lucerne in the Ice Age, plus some random other interesting natural history stuff.

I’m not sure why they have three bunnies in an enclosure, and I wasn’t able to ask. When I wandered over to look at them, a museum employee who you could tell was the sort who loves to leap upon people and tell them interesting facts leapt upon me, but we established fairly quickly that I spoke no Swiss German and she spoke very little English. So we contented ourselves with watching the rabbits wash their faces and ears while murmuring “They clean. Yes, they clean,” at each other for a while, and then she reached into her store of English words and pointed at each of the rabbits in turn. “Woman. Old woman. Young man.”  I nodded and said “Ah, yes!” appreciatively. Having fulfilled her mandate of telling me a more-or-less interesting fact, she nodded at me and strode off in search of someone else in need of interesting facts.

During this, Toby had climbed a steeep stairway to the top of the cliff, and then ascended a watchtower that had lovely views of the city and mountains, but I’ll let him post those pics if he wants to.

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