The Royal Mile, and then some

Stephanie didn’t feel up for much today, so I did some wandering on my own.

I took a route from our hotel down to the far end of the Royal Mile, then up High Street to Edinburgh Castle. It was packed with tourists, even on a Monday afternoon, but I still got some nice shots.

The castle itself was pretty imposing, but gave way to some lovely views of the city.

And I got to play with some HDR effects…

I meandered further after that – 3.25mi in total, then picked up some ramen takeaway for dinner back in our hotel room. It’s a testament to our trainer that I was able to do all that without collapsing – Edinburgh is not a flat city by any means. The wind and 60F temp helped, but the year or so of exercise and training is what upped my stamina and ensured I walked in ways that didn’t fatigue me.

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