Watyr Festival

Toby and I did a food and history tour of Old San Juan today, and neither of us cared enough to go to the big concert that the JoCo Cruise has every year, even though the final act was They Might Be Giants.

Which is good, because the concert kept getting paused due to rain and finally cancelled before TMBG got onstage.

However, the JoCo people are trying their damndest to cut through red tape to get TMBG onboard the ship to give their concert here.

Our stateroom is on Deck 4, right above the main stage so we might actually be hearing them after all! Or maybe not–we haven’t heard any of the previous concerts and programs.

Also parts of Deck 8 and 9 are flooding a bit from the rain or, someone reported on the custom Twitter-like app we’re all using to yell about stuff into the aether, due to a busted water line.

But, as someone else said on Twit-arr: still better than the Fyre Festival!

Here, have a picture of a San Juan street cat. (Well maybe not-the upload keeps failing, possibly because all the Sea Monkeys getting back on the ship are now over-saturating the network.)

Edit: TMBG are now official visitors on the ship and people are calmly stampeding towards the main stage to try to get in, and they’re setting up simulcasting for all the cabins and a few other spots on the ship.

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