Color me officially impressed: the concert is going on directly below our cabin and we can’t hear a thing! We’re watching the simulcast in our stateroom rather than attempting to go anywhere on the ship at the moment.

Watyr Festival

Toby and I did a food and history tour of Old San Juan today, and neither of us cared enough to go to the big concert that the JoCo Cruise has every year, even though the final act was They Might Be Giants. Which is good, because the concert kept getting paused due to rain…

Portal Stuff!

I mentioned the Portal (2) posters and what-not in my last post. Here’s a few samples.

It’s a Floating Con

I can absolutely understand why some people say, “I won’t go on any cruise but the JoCo one.” I don’t agree with them, but I understand it now.

Cell Coverage in San Juan

T-Mobile has great coverage here, good speed, and it costs us nothing to use. In fact, it’s so good I had my phone off airplane mode for less than an hour before getting a spam call claiming to be from my area code and exchange. Fuck you, Ajit Pai. May you always have network connection…