First afternoon in Rome pics from Toby

I was wrong – I’ve posted everything from Florence that’s worth sharing. So here’s what I’ve got from our first day in Rome.

A couple from the train down here. 1.5h bullet train. And the seats had this impeccable design – no matter how you sat in them, they always managed to be not quite comfortable. An engineering marvel.

The Pantheon was sort-of nearby. By European standards for walking, not American standards for driving. So we walked over. Stephanie got a shot of the actual dome.

Walking back from the Pantheon. I liked the perspective this line of trees made, but didn’t get quite the right angle.

Didn’t mean to get the sun is this one, but I like it nonetheless.

Tried to get the contrast of the sun just setting behind that building, but my iPhone’s camera can’t quite cope, and you lose the nice delineation I could see IRL.

Just liked the sky or something…

I think this is next to the Castle San Angelo? As usual – light, contrast, perspective.

Homeless or just tired in Rome? FUCK YOU. Blurry because I was trying to stay ahead of a mob of tourists.

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