The Vatican and Colosseum, Toby’s Take

The WordPress app uploads pictures in whatever order its drunken ass feels like, and I had it upload a bunch, so this post may be scattered.

And as usual, I don’t really take pictures of the stuff you see elsewhere. Weird shit is what catches my eye, so…whatever. Don’t know where I was going with that.

The Vatican making no attempt to hide the fact that they’ve got a Piece of Eden.

Tripping. Balls.

Just look at those pupils!

And this guy apparently is an angry/paranoid stoner.

Blue marble. Nice.

Porphyry sarcophagus. Looked IRL like someone had put some Red Dye No. 5 in a batch of milk chocolate.

Natural light pic #1337, because there was no one else on the staircase to get pissed off at me stopping to get the right angle.

Etruscan (pre-Roman) artifacts! The kicker here is these were probably made between 700 and 400 BC, yet they were doing fine gold work and had figured out springs. Maybe that’s not such a big deal, but I’m no archaeologist.

Funky stairway is funky.

And so is this one.

My Colosseum pics are all just angles that interested me. I’ve got one or two of the interior, but they’re meh in comparison.

And I got a new d6, from the somewhat-upscale tourist shop next to our hotel. It’s dense – easily a d4 ranged bludgeoning weapon.

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