Ok, I’m kinda done with Rome



  • 1 part police sirens echoing from god-knows-where seemingly all the damn time
  • 1 part every 5th person on the street trying to sell us umbrellas/selfie sticks/etc. or act as our guide
  • 1 part of what seems to be typical European smoking habits

…and yeah, I’m done.

To be fair, my annoyance with the above is heavily influenced by:

  • Doing 5+ mi of walking pretty much every day. I’d been working out (bike + walking) for months beforehand, so I’m in much better shape than when we went to Japan. But at this point in the trip, my feet start to hurt after just an hour or so.
  • Not being near the same time zone as most of the people I follow on social media. Hence I wake up to 200+ tweets and/or very old Reddit threads.
  • Having 20+ tabs open in Safari on my iPad, half of which are waiting for me to be either on a real computer or in the US (because I sure as fuck am not paying Italy’s VAT if I don’t have to just to change a Patreon pledge).
  • Really, really, craving Wendy’s, Cane’s, and Torchy’s.

Regarding the people trying to act as guides. We bought Roma Passes that get us discounts on pretty much all the attractions and free bus/metro usage. Handy. And late today as we were leaving the Colosseum I realized what I should’ve been saying to those people:


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