Photo tour

Toby and I went on a photography tour, where a pro photographer takes you around and gives you tips and points out interesting things to take photos of. I’ll be posting a lot more photos after we get back, since the ipad resizing app I’m using makes them kind of crummy, but here’s six of the five hundred (!!!) photos I took in the four hours we wandered around.

We started in the Hamarikyu Garden. A young couple was there getting wedding photos taken. Magnus, our guide, asked them if it was OK if we snapped a few shots, and they assented. This isn,t my favorite one of them–I’ll post that one later.


The garden was full of crows, and we spotted a few people gathered around a couple of crows on the ground having a fight. Magnus speculated that there were two rival flocks in the area.


After the garden, we went to this area that Magnus called “Blade Runner-like.” It was a little restaurant area built directly underneath train tracks, with a narrow alleyway though the middle lined with lanterns, bars, and small eateries. I got a lot of atmospheric background-type shots, but I rather like this one. There were two guys with a truck parked at one end of the alleyway, running crates full of bottles of various drinks back and forth to the restaurants and bars. This guy’s blurry because he was literally running back to the truck.

We went to a couple of other areas, then ended up on an observation deck overlooking Tokyo Station as the sun went down. Magnus coached me through setting my camera to get some good shots of the area.



And the final shot of the night–as Magnus was saying goodbye to us, I spotted this kid turn to look at his reflection in the guard wall, and snapped it. Slightly blurry, but hey.


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