Eating New Year’s breakfast at the ryokan

Eating New Year’s breakfast at the ryokan. And the food just won’t. stop. coming. There’s also a New Year’s liquor, which may just be plum wine. I don’t think I’ve ever indulged this early in the morning. Sent from my TRS-80

Tamahan Ryokan

I need to go through my photos from yesterday and pick out a representative few to show you before I can write up the Miyajima New Year’s trip, but I grabbed a few shots of our room at the ryokan in Kyoto before the sun started setting to show y’all. For those of you unfamiliar…

Made it to our ryokan!

The snow is falling heavily, and the taxi had to wend its way through tiny streets into the heart of Gion, the old quarter of Kyoto, but we made it. The place is exquisite, and snow makes it more so.

Midnight in the US

Central time, at least. Happy New Year, slowpokes! Sent from my TRS-80