Cooking class

Yes, we get actual certified Kobe beef in this class. Here’s the certificate. 🙂

Game show

I think pretty much everyone reading this knows that Japan is the home of some of the world’s oddest game shows. The odder ones are usually variety shows whose contestants tend to be comedians and other celebrities, advancing their careers via public humiliation. That’s beside the point. What this post is, is asking anyone with…

Bath time

Pigeons bathing in snowmelt running off the roof of the gate to the Toji Shrine.

Pastry: The Unboxening

Japanese department stores usually have 1 or 2 floors on the ground floor or in the basement devoted to selling food. Not restaurants, but pastries, teas, pickled things, etc, pretty much anything you can put into a really fancy package and sell in small amounts. Toby and I wandered around the basement of the JR…