Unwritten Rule

Seems like a Japanese woman’s skirt is not allowed to be longer than her coat.


At fox shrine in Oji, Tokyo. Apparently holes into the hill are a fox shrine thing. (At Oji Inari Shrine.) Sent from my TRS-80

Tokyo Photo Tour: Toby’s Take

Despite not being much of a photographer, I accompanied Stephanie on the tour a few days back. It was still pretty fun, even if occasionally our guide tried to direct my photo taking attention in some direction, only for me to find little inspiration that way.


Some of you may remember a couple of months ago, when I was looking for cake recipes for Thanksgiving. I discovered the existence of Baumkuchen then, a cake traditionally cooked on a spit, where you coat it with layers of batter so you end up, when you remove the spit, with a cylindrical cake composed…