Security at Narita

– no requirement to take off your shoes – no one yelling instructions to everyone in line like we’re a group of distracted fourth graders – and when my belt set off the metal detector, the guy patting me down didn’t feel the need to touch my balls Compared to the US, it’s civilized.

Always, on takeoff

When the captain kicks it in the ass on the runway, I flash back to the Viper launch sequence from Battlestar Galactica.


Our tickets get us access to the Sakura Lounge at Narita Airport before our flight. Taking advantage of the power points and the free wifi to top up our devices while farting about on the intertubes. One hour before we take off for home! Sent from my Apple ][e


Guy standing next to is waiting for the train is doing Tai Chi. I think he’s drunk. Sent from my TRS-80

Note to Self

The various Japanese people carrying large long luggage around the station are lugging instruments, not katana.

Escalator etiquette

I knew from my previous trip to Japan that you stand on the left side of the escalator, leaving the right side free for people who want to walk up. Except for Osaka, in which the standing and walking sides are flipped, which leads to rousing games of Spot the Osakan in Tokyo Station and…

Japan: Still largely a cash economy

Japan Post clerk’s reply when I tried to use my credit card to pay to send our souvenirs home: “No. Money.” (said with a smile) I apologized, walked 20′ to the ATM, got some cash, and paid the man.