Our last photo of Takayama, out of the window next to the elevator on our floor. No idea what that big building in the distance is, but it’s quite striking, isn’t it?

Re: Staying in a Gassho-style house

You can stay in a hostel-like setup in one of the Gassho-style houses in Shirakawa-go. Stephanie’s comment on that possibility: “I don’t need that much charm in my vacation.”

And one more post!

We had a fantastico lunch today in Takayama which I shall tell you more about later, but I’m posting a couple of cat pics that the house sitter sent us because they are amusing.


You know how some houses have walk-in closets?

New Year’s Breakfast

Even though it was January 2nd, the ryokan still served us a New Year’s breakfast. On to the photos!

New Year’s Kaiseki

When we stayed at the ryokan in Kyoto on the night of January 1st, we laid out for the full kaiseki dinner experience. A kaiseki dinner is a formal, traditional, multi-course Japanese meal. (That link goes to the Wikipedia entry, in case you want to read more.) On to the food!