Winter wonderland

We took a train from Kyoto to Toyama today, then changed there for a train to Takayama. The reason for this is that we’d heard that the ride from Toyama to Nagoya is one of the most beautiful in Japan, and we,ll be doing a Takayama to Tokyo via Nagoya in a couple of days.

Well, the report wasn’t kidding. The track is cut through the mountains, so you get forested mountainsides, rivers at the bottom of gorges, and at the moment it’s all silvered with snow. Toby took a bunch of pictures through the window with his phone, and I think this is the best and most representative of them. (And, as always, I’ll be posting a better version once we get home.)



Cannot wait for the trip to Nagoya in a couple of days. Maybe I won’t pack my camera away for this one. 🙂

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