On Hotel Amenities


The U.S. may have some catching up to do with Japan when it comes to hotel amenities. So far we’ve seen:

– toothbrushes, with tiny 2- or 3-use tubes of toothpaste
– shampoo, conditioner, body wash
– shower caps
– foldable hair brushes
– loofah-like mesh shower scrubbers (mentioned previously)
– disposable razors
– slippers

I was most surprised by the disposable razors. I snagged one from our hotel in Osaka, because my beard trimmer and shitty $20 electric razor only work so well. But I forgot to bring a styptic pencil, so with my luck I’ll nick the hell out of myself when I go to use it.

The slippers also came in handy. And yeah – these specifically said “for you to take home” on the thin plastic wrapping, so I’m not straight-up stealing things. We’re currently using them at the hanare here in Kyoto as WC slippers – the trip to the toilet and bathroom can be pretty damn cold.

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  1. What’s the Coca-Cola situation like over there?

    1. Toby says:

      Excellent, for the most part. While many restaurants simply list “cola” on the menu, it usually seems to be coke. But then, I’m not enough of a stickler to care, so long as it’s not diet.
      And the near-ubiquitous vending machines nearly always sell Coke.

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