We’re watching the Japanese version of COPS at the moment, and the segment that just aired consisted of pulling a guy over because he had a headlight out, then searching the trunk and finding a kitchen knife, then administering a breathalyzer test and finding the guy was over the legal limit.

And now they’ve pulled a guy over who has a load of vegetables in his passenger seat. Apparently this is suspicious. He’s just led them to a cornfield. The officers are now stuffing ears of corn in an evidence bag. Oh, I think they just busted him for stealing corn from the field.

Man, they claimed Japan was safe. I’m afraid to step out of the hotel now.

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  1. Tyra says:

    But, but where are the prostitution stings where they tell the guy that Samantha is really Bob who does this a couple times a week for giggles??

    1. Stephanie says:

      They didn’t have that, but there was a moment of excitement when they discovered a partial human skull in a field. They busted out the forensics team and everything for it. The TV show managed to drag it out over two commercial breaks before revealing that the site where it was found was downhill from an old graveyard that had been damaged in a recent typhoon.

      There was also a confusing segment where they busted someone for, we think, trafficking in counterfeit clothing, wherein they spread a shipment of womens’ underwear out over several tables because of course.

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