This is Rösti

This is also rösti:

Before I go on, let me point out something we found on our last big trip – if Texas ever needs to secede, we can form the Texas Toast Axis with Japan. With that in mind – look at those pics. That is hash browns. Hash browns, egg, cheese, and in the case of mine, sausage. That is breakfast done right, people! So we’ve got another possible ally if the Union falls apart.

Rosti is a traditional Swiss dish that started out as a breakfast thing but seems like you can get it any time now. We were looking for an early dinner and about to default to the Subway we passed a block back when we saw the restaurant for the Hotel Krebs. Like most places, the menu was out front and Stephanie pointed out their various rösti options. We knew it was a traditional Swiss thing, and we hand’t had any actual Swiss food up until now.

DAMN but it was tasty. Stephanie’s was the one with egg and cheese (think it was gruyere). Mine the sausage and caramelized onions with gravy from the same. Stephanie had the house white wine, which paired great until a fly fell into it. The staff graciously replaced the remainder of her drink. I had a dunkel from a local brewery which also went really well with the dish.

I’ll spare you the details on cost. Just know that Switzerland is the most expensive place in Europe for food. Still worth it.

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