Final Venice Pictures (from Toby)

From the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, on the isle of the same name:

I like light. And perspective.

In what I assume to be the apse, where the choir resides:

Up the nearby belltower, facing SW-ish:

On the train to Florence (the window was filthy – that’s not a filter)

The bridge from Venice:

A couple shots of countryside:

And a couple random ones

Neighborhood cat ignores tourists. Film at 11.

I suppose if you need one right the hell now, it’s available:

Also – WordPress can go fuck a duck. Their iOS app consistently claims images failed to upload when 1) they did and 2) the net connection here is impeccable. And then the web interface claimed there were errors uploading despite the files making it to the server. It then couldn’t be arsed to show thumbnails, so there was no way to actually add them to this post. I had to upload via the web, then come back to this app and add them to the post. Ugh.

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