Toby would like you guys who like green tea Kit Kats to know that after taste testing you can keep your green tea Kit Kats as long as he gets all the orange Kit Kats. Sent from my TRS-80

Note to self

Sitting on the train in the Okayama station looking at the kanji on the station sign. The kanji for ‘oka’ looks like a man hanging from gravity boots in a doorway. (I already knew ‘yama’–it looks like a mountain and means ‘mountain’.) Sent from my TRS-80

Guess the Amenity

And now for today’s episode of What The Hell Is This Thing? Version: Guess the Amenity. (Facebook users: the vast majority of these posts are longer than appear here. You should always click on the picture, even if there’s no indication there’s something there!)

The first ramen of the trip!

Ostensibly the entire reason for this trip is ramen. A year ago, we were watching the show The Mind of a Chef, the first season of which featured David Chang, who had many formative experiences with ramen, and who kept coming back to ramen. After yet another episode that mentioned ramen, Toby turned to me…