Nice to see some things don’t change

Watching the dawn in Osaka, as jet lag is still a thing for me. Or, given it’s overcast and hazy, watching the sky slowly shift to a lighter shade of grey.

This is our view right now

This is the view out our hotel room window. That blazingly bright thing in the middle there? Only Osaka Castle. 🙂

Dallas, this is your legacy

Got in to Osaka finally. It’s raining, and we realize there are no stairs at the station near the hotel, so we decide to catch a cab from the main Osaka station.

Ekiben! And other food!

(Posting from the Kodama Shinkansen bound for Shin-Osaka. I love living in the future.) And now it’s the first ekiben of the trip! Eki means ‘train station’ and ‘ben’ is short for ‘bento’ (a boxed lunch, basically, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it). So an ekiben is a boxed meal sold to…