And LJ-DW readers

Aaa agh it posted EVERY PHOTO UPLOADED to LJ and DW! Cannot log into Facebook at the moment to check how awful THAT turned out. Will try to work this out when I can get on wifi instead of this rental phone.

For you mail subscribers

The photos don’t seem to attach to the notification email if I send more than one, so you may want to check the website when you get one.

Yes, we’re now *that* guy

We’re on the ground and have slept, badly. We’ve negotiated the rail system and the subway system, and found our hotel. We have even managed to order lunch and eat it, and taken photos of it. We are currently standing in line to but tickets to go up the Tokyo Skytree tower and take in…


That feeling you get as you sit in your airplane seat and listen to the kid in the next row of seats get sicker and sicker as the flight progresses. Sent from my Apple ][+