Damn, It’s Cold

Altitude: 35000ft. Outside Air Temperature: -67F Cold enough to freeze the balls off a pawn shop. Just for you, dad.

A Good Sign

Japan Airlines has very drinkable coffee.


I am posting from 28,000 feet and rising…BECAUSE I CAN. They have wifi on the plane (for a fee, of course), plus charging points at the seats so HELLO INTERNET!!! Also here, if I’ve got the WordPress app attaching photos correctly, is another goofy photo of us. Just to prove we’re in a plane although…

Yes, we are in an airport

At least it’s a different one this time. And an excuse to test the posting-by-email while adding a photo that only our parents will love. We fully expect you guys to come up with appropriate captions for it.

Sitting in the airport…

…and testing out the post-by-email function of the blog. 🙂 We now return you to your regularly scheduled Christmas morning. Sent from my Apple ][e