“So what was your favorite meal in Florence?”


Well so far, the stand-out winner (not counting two fucking AWESOME gelato places) is Biancorosso (literally white-red). Their site seems to be down, yo, but this place is…Japanese.

Like no shit most of the menu was Italian dishes, but they had a Japanese section with all the typical choices – ramen, teriyaki, etc. The staff were all Japanese and with the exception of us and one Italian guy that showed up as we were leaving, so were the clientele.

I had a Kirin Ichiban and Stephanie some green tea. We both ordered miso soup. For the main course, Stephanie got ginger-flavored pork and I ordered fried chicken. Except – I recognized enough of the Japanese to see it was Chicken Karaage. It’s still fried chicken, but generally done with thigh meat so it stays juicy, and in a thin light batter. I fucking love the stuff. And when I ordered, I asked for “karaage”.

The waiter asked us if we spoke Japanese. I said a little bit, and Stephanie explained we’d been to Japan 3 years back. He promptly came back to ask if we wanted chopsticks, which we did (the places were set with forks and knives).

The food…was fucking excellent. Part of that, I’ll admit, was that it wasn’t 1) Italian food, nor 2) sandwiches. Both of those we’d had enough of, and the idea of soup sounded really appealing. I just happened to find the place while browsing the map, and it sounded interesting enough to give it a shot. Turns out what we really needed was a different foreign food.

We rounded it off by hitting another gelato place on the Piazza del Duomo. Both of us had cones (hand-made in-store) with two scoops. Stephanie’s was dark chocolate and persimmon, while I had dark chocolate and cinnamon. Apparently the persimmon was good. I can report that the dark chocolate was tasty without being bitter, and that I’m pretty damn sure there was real cinnamon in the other scoop. The cones weren’t as sweet as those in the US, which complemented the gelato perfectly.

No pictures of the dessert because we were too busy eating it and heading back to the apartment to avoid the incipient rain.

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