Got into our hotel in Aberdeen a few hours back

I can only chuckle at our luck so far. This place:

  • Has no A/C (but many many buildings here don’t as they’re built more to hold heat in the winter). At least we can open the windows.
  • Laundry service (which would be nice but not needed) isn’t offered for single night stays, as you drop your clothes off in the morning and pick them up that evening
  • The elevator is wonky. You have to wait for the door to open and close a few times before it’ll deign to take you to your destination

It’s not bad by any means. Mostly just a feeling of “seriously?!?” at the lack of A/C after our time in London and on the sleeper train.

We ordered room service to save our feet some work. No pics, but it was fish and chips, lamb kebab, and small salads. Decent food and a decent amount of it, so the hotel prices are tolerable. (More so if you just pretend that the dollar and the pound are equivalent.)

Instead have a pic of the station and attached mall across from our room. The ferry we’ll take tomorrow is off to the left a short walk past the buildings.

Aberdeen station and Union Square mall, from a few stories up.

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