Killing time in Thurso

Didn’t manage to get a cab to the station when we disembarked the ferry this morning. So we waited until 9 for the bus. Now we’re at Thurso station waiting on the next train to Inverness – in 3 hours.

It sounds worse than it it. While we’d love to have made our next destination early, we’d still have to wait until 4PM for our hotel code to activate. This way it should be good to go when we arrive.

And so far, Thurso lives up to the small town we expected. We’re the only ones waiting on the train at present. There’s a shop down the road where we can get snacks.

Weird thing though – the bus from the ferry terminal doesn’t stop near the train station. Closest he could get us was a 12min (for us) walk.

Anyway – have a pic from outside the ferry terminal:

A green hill outside the Scrabster ferry terminal.

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