Jamaica from the Ship


Stayed on the ship today. We’ve done Jamaica before, plus it’s a fair drive to most of the tourism areas, and neither of us was up for that. Here’s a snap from the aft:

Or there would be a pic here, but Dreamhost is throttling uploads or something. Whatever. Imagine an island setting. Ocean. Low buildings. Mountains in the background getting some rain.

Neither of us realized we were landing at Falmouth. We’ve always come in via Montego Bay before. Looks like the port area’s newly-renovated. Been a couple years – wonder if Montego’s had the same work done.

I wandered the ship a lot while Stephanie napped. Drank a bunch of coffee. People-watched and pretended to listen to earbuds. People act like you’re not in the room if they think you can’t hear them.

Always interesting to find “our people” onboard. Sometimes it’s just intuition – they look like Fans – and sometimes it’s damn obvious. For the latter, take the lady I saw yesterday. Deathly Hallows tat on her shoulderblade, and Starfleet insignia on her calf.

Dinner tonight was at the Chops Grille – one of the fancy restaurants onboard. I had lamb, Stephanie the salmon. All of it was tasty, but I was very happy that the sauce on mine, while minty, wasn’t punching you in the face with that fact. Dessert for me was Key Lime Pie, and was a similar experience – tart, but not beating you over the head with that fact.

Now we’re back in the room keeping you abreast of our vacation activities. I’ll leave unsaid what that says about us and you.

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