Portal Stuff!

I mentioned the Portal (2) posters and what-not in my last post. Here’s a few samples.

It’s a Floating Con

I can absolutely understand why some people say, “I won’t go on any cruise but the JoCo one.” I don’t agree with them, but I understand it now.

Cell Coverage in San Juan

T-Mobile has great coverage here, good speed, and it costs us nothing to use. In fact, it’s so good I had my phone off airplane mode for less than an hour before getting a spam call claiming to be from my area code and exchange. Fuck you, Ajit Pai. May you always have network connection…

Cruise Food

The fare on this cruise has been stand-out in how good it is. Past cruises have mostly been decent, save for our second one which was a few years after the 2008 crash, and probably a result of the line cutting costs. The buffet on this one has been outstanding in terms of quality and…

Jamaica from the Ship

Stayed on the ship today. We’ve done Jamaica before, plus it’s a fair drive to most of the tourism areas, and neither of us was up for that. Here’s a snap from the aft: Or there would be a pic here, but Dreamhost is throttling uploads or something. Whatever. Imagine an island setting. Ocean. Low buildings….

Inadequate Helipad Is Inadequate

4.5kg load, yet it held my weight. Clearly the diet and exercise are working. Strange they gave the load to the nearest gram. #helipadforants #stupidnumberjokes  

This is a foul time of the morning

I’m sure there are worse, but getting up at 5am just to deal with airports and sit on planes is not something I’d wish on most people. On the plus side, we’ll land at home around 5pm local, barring another delay like we had on the way out. If that happens, we’re paying for one…

Pink Floyd and Pac-Man

Today was our day-long trip to Pompeii and Herculaneum. 2hrs in a car each way, and an actual Ph.D lecturing us about the details of the sites as we walked around. I’m pretty sure I remember which of these pictures are from which, but like the art and sculpture, it all runs together after a…

The Vatican and Colosseum, Toby’s Take

The WordPress app uploads pictures in whatever order its drunken ass feels like, and I had it upload a bunch, so this post may be scattered. And as usual, I don’t really take pictures of the stuff you see elsewhere. Weird shit is what catches my eye, so…whatever. Don’t know where I was going with…